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  • High-speed packing production line of warmers

    In this video, you can see the total process of our body warmers, it is a high-speed and automated packing production line, which was imported from Japan. Till now, we totally own three similar packing production lines for our warmers production, c...
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  • Hongkong Exhibition

    Hongkong Exhibition

    As a leader manufacturer of disposable warmers(Air-activated warmers)in the world, we usually take park in Hongkong Exhibitions with our hot-sold warmers every year. Every exhibitions, we all have a good meeting with our regular cusotmers about our further cooperations...
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  • About the Air-activated Warmers

    About the Air-activated Warmers

    What are air-activated warmers made of? Iron Powder Water Salt Activated Charcoal Vermiculite How does an air-activated warmer work? There is an intricate chemical process that takes place inside these bags. The process is oxidation, basically rusting. As soon as oxyge...
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  • Amazing Other Usage of Disposable Warmer!

    Amazing Other Usage of Disposable Warmer!

    Now, the obvious uses for disposable warmers are sports games, snow days, outdoor hikes. But I bet some of the uses you’ll find on this list might surprise you! 1.For emergencies, I keep a bag of hand warmers in my car. If ever stranded on a cold day, you can wrap them i...
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